Andy Reid Reveals His Mantra for Surviving in ‘Crazy’ NFL After Chiefs’ Lethal Loss to Packers

Andy Reid Reveals His Mantra for Surviving in ‘Crazy’ NFL After Chiefs’ Lethal Loss to Packers

Following a challenging defeat against the Green Bay Packers, with a score of 27-19, the Kansas City Chiefs are all set for their next game. They are currently holding an 8-4 record, looking to regroup and turning their focus toward the upcoming clash. Meanwhile, Andy Reid shared the strategy moving forward, emphasizing the factors of survival in the league.

In Week 14 of the 2023 NFL season, they are facing a formidable matchup against the Buffalo Bills. While their concerns surround the offense gearing up better, the Red Army sure has scenes of faltering to cover. Recently, HC Andy Reid spoke to the media in a presser, sharing the key aspects that will potentially continue to help the side revive from the losses and get back to winning ways.

Andy Reid focuses on staying positive and learning from mistakes
In the said press conference, Andy Reid along with QB Patrick Mahomes and DT Chris Jones spoke about their next game. The 3 times Super Bowl champion, Reid, was asked about how he bounced back previously after a streak of losing 3-5 times by one of the reporters. To this, Reid had quite a straightforward answer.

He began by acknowledging how “crazy” the league is at the moment. Post that, he continued, “It’s week to week,” mentioning how each game needs to be taken up as a single contest. Here, he referred to the comeback made by the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos this season, claiming everything to be about the right efforts and mindset.He added, “You go back, you do a better job coaching, you focus a little bit more on players playing and doing their jobs. Those are things that you can control.” He did not forget to add that they also keep a positive attitude doing all the things, which helps them bounce back stronger.

He said, “Keep a positive attitude doing it, you learn from your mistakes and stay positive with it.” Even though the Chiefs didn’t perform their best in the last few weeks, however, that doesn’t cloud the fact that Reid has been a tremendous coach.

Andy Reid holds a trio of Super Bowl victories!
Andy Reid has carved out a remarkable legacy in the NFL since he entered the league in 1992. His career is highlighted by a trio of Super Bowl victories, marking him as a standout in the sport. Reid’s journey to Super Bowl success began with the Green Bay Packers in 1997, where he contributed as an assistant coach. Later, he achieved a milestone in his career by leading the Kansas City Chiefs to their Super Bowl triumph in 2020.

Andy Reid Reveals His Mantra for Surviving in ‘Crazy’ NFL After Chiefs’ Lethal Loss to Packers

This was followed by another victory in the 2022 season, overcoming the Philadelphia Eagles. At the age of 64, Reid participated in his fifth Super Bowl. Now, Ried holds a Super Bowl coaching record of 3-2, which reflects his status as one of the NFL’s premier coaches. What do you think about his coaching style and recent comments? Let us know below.