As Angel Reese Takes the Blame for Loss, Kim Mulkey Reveals the ‘Real Reason’

The LSU Lady Tigers crashed before the Auburn Tigers’ dominance by a 62-67 margin on Sunday at the Neville Arena. Fans were expecting the LSU to win the match albeit they missed the margin closely in a last-minute thriller as the Auburn cruised towards victory. While fans were speculating the reason behind their defeat, a revelation from the LSU head coach Kim Mulkey and star player Angel Reese left them surprised.

A disappointed Reese and Mulkey took the blame for their unexpected defeat against the Auburn Lady Tigers. It sure left the fans pondering as they spilled the beans.

“Just accountability. And it’s not just with the players, starts with me. And told them things that may be I made a decision to let them come to the men’s game last night. I’m going to regret that all the way home. That was out of our routine. I don’t regret supporting our men. But we’re creatures of habit. So did that disrupt your mindset. I don’t know that it did or didn’t. But when you have kids hold themselves accountable, you got to hold yourself accountable,” Mulkey stated as seen in a YouTube short.

Notably, the LSU Lady Tigers had attended their men’s counterpart’s game before the match. The LSU Tigers men’s basketball team were defeated by the Auburn Tigers men’s team by a respectable margin of 78-93 at Neville Arena on Saturday. This ended the Baton Rouge’s men’s team four-game winning streak. A similar result was seen when the LSU Lady Tigers suffered a humiliating loss at the hands of the Auburn Lady Tigers by a narrow margin of 62-67 at the Neville Arena on Sunday.

While Reese took the loss upon herself, the case of foul got overlooked. With 9 seconds left in the game, there was a foul on the LSU star due to which her opponent JaMya Mingo-Young got a chance to make two free throws.

And with their successful conclusion the Auburn team cruised to a 66-62 tally over the LSU Lady Tigers. From their on, the lead was unassailable since only a few seconds were left for the game to finish and it concluded with Reese’s defensive rebound. However, stating the reason behind their defeat is not new to them.

What did Mulkey say when they previously lost?
Mulkey had previously blamed “individual players” and condemned them for lacking “little fight and leadership about them” when the LSU had lost their first match. The game was a season opener against the Colorado Buffaloes and the defending champions had lost by a decent margin of 78-92. The LSU since then improved their gameplay and went on 16-match landslide victories over their opponents.

The LSU will next lock horns with the Alabama Crimson Tide at the Coleman Coliseum on Thursday. And perhaps with this loss they once again need to go to the locker room and look at the reasons in retrospect.

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