Beyoncé Got Anxious Telling A “Handsy” David Letterman About Her Controversial Song

Beyoncé remained professional despite David Letterman being “creepy” during their interview

Beyoncé stopped doing interviews in 2013, reportedly to keep her private life separate from her public persona. Still, some think her cringe appearance on The Tyra Banks Show was the reason, while others blame her awkward first time on The Ellen Show.

Fans also slammed David Letterman’s “creepy” interview with an anxious Queen Bey in 2006. Too bad, it was one of those rare Beyoncé moments where she didn’t mind talking about personal things — from Bootylicious’ meaning to Destiny’s Child breakup that led to her depression.

At the beginning of the interview, Letterman complimented Bey on the perfume she was using. “Oh my god, you smell terrific. What is that? It just smells wonderful,” he said in a way that bothers fans to this day. “True Star,” the singer replied, referring to her 2004 fragrance.

A netizen recently said: “Wow. Just awful. Couldn’t actually get through it he was so gross with her. Opening with how good she smells?” The host even leaned in close to her chest to get a proper whiff. Then things got weirder when Letterman asked what Beyoncé wanted to do after Destiny’s Child’s then-recent breakup.

“I wanted to watch more movies, and more albums, and more shows like this,” answered the music icon. Flattered by the response, the comedian joked: “Oh really? Can you come back tomorrow night (places his hand on Bey’s arm). I know you’ll be in California.” The Renaissance artist laughed awkwardly while holding on to the desk.

“She is holding on to that table with dear life!!! Lol social anxiety,” a fan commented under the YouTube clip. Another one noted: “Crazy how times have changed. Dave was being a creep..and Beyoncé handled it with grace.”

In 2021, Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Knowles slammed the myth that her daughter had social anxiety and that her husband Jay-Z would touch her knee whenever she was struggling with it.