Bronze Mahomes Just Hit a Major Milestone & He Looks So Proud of Himself

Bronze Mahomes Just Hit a Major Milestone & He Looks So Proud of Himself

It’s official ladies and gents! While some people have been keeping a close eye on Patrick Mahomes and his NFL stats, we’ve been keeping an eye on a little Mahomes who has been working toward something much bigger than a third Super Bowl ring (OK, maybe that’s dramatic but…). We’ve been watching Bronze Mahomes — who is just under 1 year old — to see when he would take his first steps.

And it’s happened! Mom Brittany Mahomes posted a video on her Instagram story (see it HERE before it’s gone) of her little one walking! In the clip, Bronze is wearing black pants, a dinosaur shirt, and a big grin as he makes his way across the floor with the help of a rolling wooden walker. The whole thing is set to the song “Walking On Sunshine” and it’s just perfection.

Brittany and Patrick must be so proud of their little guy! At this rate, he’ll have his first Lombardi trophy before his dad did. And this is either going to be The Best or The Worst Thing Ever in big sister Sterling Mahomes‘ eyes. Now the 2-year-old has a little brother she can run around with. But that also means she has a little brother who can easily snatch her toys. And so as this football family knows: Ya win some, ya lose some.

Patrick Mahomes at The 2023 ESPYS held at Dolby Theatre on July 12, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
Patrick Mahomes (Christopher Polk for Variety)
Christopher Polk for Variety
Bronze has been in the spotlight since he was in utero. Her pregnancy was a big part of Netflix’s docuseries Quarterback. Just a month after its release, fans wanted to know is whether or not there will be a third little Mahomes running after Bronze one day. Pregnancy rumors started circulating oand Brittany hopped on Instagram to set the record straight. She is not pregnant (well, at least she wasn’t at the time), and she doesn’t know if her family roster will grow.

“We aren’t sure honestly!” the co-owner of the Kansas City Current said. “Part of me says yes part of me says ehhhh maybe not!”

Well, part of me says that’s no one’s damn business (sorry not sorry) and part of me says congratulations on the here and now! This is such a special time for the Mahomes family. Their not-so-little guy is making such big moves (literally).