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Celebration Time for Coco Gauff’s Family as They Come Together to Take Pride in Her Youngest Brother’s First Sporting Honor



Last month the Gauff family, used to celebrating Coco’s on court success was lauding Codey’s recognition in baseball as one of the top prospects. But today, the spotlight shifts. It’s a day etched in pure pride, a day the Gauff household erupts in cheers not for Coco or Codey, but for their youngest brother, Cameron. It’s time for “Cam Bam” folks!

Recently, Coco Gauff’s father, Corey, took to his Instagram account to share a proud moment for the Gauff family. Having crossed the finish line first, not once, but twice, Cam Bam has secured TWO gold medals! Sharing a picture of his youngest son, the father wrote a heartfelt message, “Proud of Cam Bam first time running the 100 meters and won gold and won gold in 400 …..” Corey, who must be on cloud nine right now, finished the note highlighting the undying competing desire of his son, “love his desire to compete and participate.”

Looking into that, the third-ranked tennis player applauded her 10-year-old brother with a series of fire emojis, as she shared the excitement of her brother’s achievement. Not only that, the reigning US Open champion’s mother, Candi Odom Gauff, commented on the post and wrote, “Great job Cameron!!!” The incredible accomplishment even caught the eye of Jhonny Berrido, a professional tennis coach, who took time to praise the 10-year-old and commented “Vamossss(let’s go) Cam!, accompanied by three clap and a fire emoji.

world, her family is a true treasure trove of athletic skill. Like their sister Coco, Codey and Cameron, the two younger siblings, are likewise making progress in their own right. The youngest Gauff family member, Cameron, is motivated by a desire to follow in his sister’s footsteps and plays on a youth football team, according to Candi Gauff’s Instagram account. Even at such a young age, Cameron’s dedication is clear, particularly in the work he does with Coco.

A standout instance of sibling teamwork occurred when Cam, showing his artistic flair, helped his sister craft a pair of sneakers for Coco Gauff’s footwear collection, the “Coco CG1,” part of the New Balance lineup. Whereas Coco’s other sibling, Codey Gauff, is a high school student whose sport of choice is baseball.

The Grand Slam champion has always acknowledged her brothers’ influence on her burgeoning tennis career. During a press conference before her involvement in the Qatar Open, Coco, accepting her position as the oldest and acting as a mentor and role model for Codey and Cameron, stated, “I’m the oldest of three siblings. Maybe that has something to play with it. I don’t know. I feel like I have learned a lot quickly.” She also talked about the contrasting personalities of her brothers.

Gauff said, “Cameron, he’s the youngest one. He says it all the time. He’s more the empathetic, emotional one, and Codey is more of the chill. We know he loves us. We know he has an image he likes to have.”

Well apart from Cameroon’s success, his 15-year-old brother Codey has also received recognition for his skills in baseball this year.

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