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Gauff and Gilbert are now training for the Italian Open.

Coco Gauff and her coach Brad Gilbert are back together and planning on taking on the Italian Open. Gilbert and Gauff had split up for a bit, with him coaching Zendaya for her tennis work in the film “Challengers.” The decision to part ways sparked some speculation from followers, who wondered if Gilbert and Gauff’s partnership had come to an end.

Gauff was quick to provide some clarification. “No, he did not choose Zendaya over me,” she said with a smile at a press conference. “I think I kind of told him to take a step back, especially with starting with J.C., I wanted him to just be able to work on it on his own and play a tournament by himself.”

She made it clear that the two had plenty of work to do in the future. “And also, like, we are going to have two tournaments together. We’re going to spend a lot of time together. If you know Brad, it’s good to take a break sometimes,” she joked.

Gilbert may play a part in Zendaya and Gauff’s future meeting
While Zendaya and Gauff have yet to meet, the two are big fans of each other, supporting their individual careers. At one of the premieres of “Challengers,” Zendaya revealed that she was a big fan of Gauff and that she wanted to meet her. She also shared that Gilbert might play a part in facilitating an encounter. “I love Coco. I haven’t met her yet, but I sure hope so,” said Zendaya. “Brad is her coach so I’m like ‘I want to meet her.’”

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