Donna Kelce Reveals Her Openness Approach to Bonding With Her in Laws

As the mom of not one but two super successful NFL players, Donna Kelce is a busy woman. When she’s not jetting across the country to support both Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, there are three other family members she loves to visit: her granddaughters.

During an interview with Us Weekly on Tuesday, Donna opened up about the sweet way she likes to interact with Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 11 months, whom Jason shares with his wife Kylie Kelce. Though, like many grandmothers, Donna wishes she could see her grandbabies more, she’s 100% focused on the girls when she does get to visit them.

“When I’m with them, I’m in the moment,” the matriarch said. “I want to do what they’re doing. I want to play what they’re playing. I want to read to them. I want to build blocks, try to be as active as I possibly can and be attentive to what they’re doing and know that I value their time and I value who they are,” she explained. We love her child-led approach and openness to supporting their individuality!

Like Donna, Jason loves to dote on his little girls. “He loves the cuddling, he loves how sweet they are, the little comments that they make, how much they love their animals and their dolls,” Donna said of the way her son has embraced being a girl dad. And when he’s been unsure of how to navigate certain situations, the mom of two has urged the football player to follow her lead.