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Dune: Prophecy | Prequel TV series starring Emily Watson and Olivia Williams gets debut trailer



HBO Max’s prequel series Dune: Prophecy, which stars Emily Watson and Olivia Williams among its ensemble, has a new trailer. Imbibe it with your eyes:

Emerging mere days before Dune: Part Two’s physical release (it’s out on the 28th May, date fans), along comes a teasing first trailer for HBO Max’s prequel TV series, Dune: Prophecy.

Originally entitled Dune: The Sisterhood, it’s loosely based on Brian (son of Frank) Herbert and Kevin J Anderson’s Sisterhood Of Dune novel, and takes place 10,000 years before Paul Atreides started shuffling about on Arakis.

The series details the antics of two Harkonnen Sisters, according to a synopsis published by IndieWire, who are played by Emily Watson and Olivia Williams. They’ll “combat forces that threaten the future of humankind, and establish the fabled sect that will become the Bene Gesserit.”

It sounds good, and looks rather good as well, as you can see from the teaser trailer below. It evidently takes the same design and tone from Denis Villeneuve’s Dune movies, and looks quite handsomely shot for something made with a TV budget.

Elsewhere in the cast you’ll find the formidable presence of Mark Strong, as well as Jodhi May, Josh Heuston, Travis Fimmel, Sarah-Sofie Boussina and more besides.

There have been a few creative changes behind the scenes during production, with director Johan Renck (Chernobyl, Spaceman) and writer Diane Ademu-John quietly exiting stage left early last year. Alison Schapker is now credited as showrunner, while Anna Foerster has directed several episodes. Actor Shirley Henderson also departed around the same time.

Here’s hoping those creative changes haven’t marred what at the moment looks like a solid extension to the world established by the two recent movies.

Dune: Prophecy is scheduled to stream on HBO Max this autumn. Dune: Part Two is out on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray on the 28th May.

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