Fans wonder if Jalen Hurts played against Cowboys with dress shoes: What are they?

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback turned heads with his cleats selection.

ThePhiladelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys game is considered to be one of the biggest of the 2023 season. A key reason for that is Jalen Hurts, who has been outstanding over the past few seasons while becoming one of the stars of the NFL.

But during this particular game, Hurts drew the attention of many football fans not because of his play, but because of his cleats.

Jalen Hurts confuses fans with cleats
Hurts was wearing tan, neutral-colored cleats that don’t go with the Eagles colors at all. Since the branding isn’t apparent at first glance, fans on social media began wondering if Hurts was playing with “dress shoes”.

The conspiracy theory didn’t last long, though. Hurts is playing with a special colorway of the Jordan XI PE cleats.

The colorway is for Veterans Day, which is on Saturday, November 11. The NFL has a “Salute to Service” initiative to honor veterans in the weeks surrounding it.

During the game, Hurts appeared to have suffered a leg injury, but he came back and continued to play at a high level while toughing it out.