Former Patriots QB coaching Tom Brady ahead of career change

Tom Brady earned six of his seven career Super Bowl rings playing for the New England Patriots and is receiving help from a fellow former Patriots quarterback as Brady prepares to become Fox’s lead NFL analyst next season.

Per Karen Guregian of MassLive, retired signal-caller and 98.5 The Sports Hub host Scott Zolak revealed on the latest edition of the “Eye on Foxborough” podcast he recently heard from Brady regarding going into broadcasting. Zolak has experience serving as a radio voice for the Patriots.

“He actually called me two weeks ago and we went over calling games,” Zolak said about Brady. “He tried to pick my brain as he gets ready to do games with Fox.”

Brady and Fox agreed to a 10-year deal reportedly worth $375M following the 2021 season, and the 46-year-old insisted as recently as last week that he was “already working hard on trying to make sure” he’s ready to replace fan-favorite Greg Olsen as Fox’s No. 1 analyst this coming September. Previously, ESPN “Monday Night Football” personalities Joe Buck and Troy Aikman made it known they are willing to assist Brady in making a much-anticipated transition into broadcasting.

“I’m just amazed he’s doing it,” Zolak added about Brady. “Going in, I told him the biggest thing you’re going to find out, these production meetings, everybody’s going to want to do story time with Tom Brady. He goes, ‘no, no, no,’ … but I told him, you’re a different guy. You’re not Troy Aikman, you’re not Tony Romo. You’re Tom Brady.”

Zolak explained how Brady has an “attention to details” similar to traits possessed by coaching legends Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick.

“Brady wants to attack this,” Zolak continued. “He’s talking to everybody. The fact he even called me … I do a radio call for the home team, which is sort of a rah, rah call. I said, ‘You’re down the middle, and everybody is going to be hanging on every word you say.'”

If nothing else, it seems takes about Brady possibly having second thoughts about working for Fox later this year can be put to bed until further notice.