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Gogglebox icon Ellie Warner admits she ‘walked straight into’ Taylor Swift ticket scam



During a new episode of the Channel 4 show Gogglebox, Ellie Warner revealed to her sister that she had fallen victim to a Taylor Swift scam.

Gogglebox icon Ellie Warner shared with viewers that she had been a victim of a ticketing scam. The Channel 4 star told her sister that she had fallen for a scammer who was selling fake Taylor Swift tickets.

During the new episode on Friday evening, Ellie spoke to her sister Izzi about what had happened this week. The pair have been firm favourites on the reality TV programme for years now

Viewers were then shocked when they discovered that Ellie had fallen victim to a scam after she believed she was buying Taylor Swift ticktes for her upcoming European tour.

Ellie said: “Can you believe I’ve been scammed this week? Buying tickets for Taylor Swift.” Izzi replied: “The original scam?” to which Ellie said: “Yeah! It was a phishing scam. I walked straight into the scam.”

She added: “I suspected that the scammer was a scammer – and I asked them if they’re a scammer – and yet I still went ahead and let myself get scammed.” Izzi sighed and said: “We are never, ever going to see Taylor Swift,” as Ellie replied: “Exactly.”

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