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How Kim Kardashian Is Coping After Taylor Swift’s Song and Being Booed at Tom Brady’s Roast



A source tells ET the reality star ‘truly doesn’t care’ about Taylor Swift’s song or Tom Brady’s roast.
Kim Kardashian remains unbothered despite being booed during Tom Brady’s roast and upon the release of Taylor Swift’s presumed diss track aimed at her.

A source tells ET, “Kim isn’t letting Taylor’s song or the booing she experienced at Tom Brady’s roast affect her. She truly doesn’t care and is unbothered by both. She knows she is killing it, running her empire, and has true friends and family who love her. She has dealt with haters her whole life and is not giving either situation any weight.”

During Netflix’s roast of Brady, Kardashian encountered a mixed reception from the audience, with some cheering while others booed. However, viewers watching the edited version on Netflix now might not catch the booing as it has been edited out. Netflix has yet to comment on the editing decisions.

Acknowledging the rowdy crowd during her segment, Kardashian maintained her composure with a casual “alright, alright” as host Kevin Hart intervened to calm the audience down.

In April, after Swift released “thanK you aIMee,” a source told ET, “Kim has moved on from the Taylor feud and doesn’t care about her song ‘thanK you aIMee.’ She has put it in the past, especially since their drama happened so long ago.”

The source added, “Kim respects Taylor as an artist but doesn’t have a strong desire to settle their differences right now.”

Following the release of Swift’s 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, fans instantly began speculating that “thanK you aIMee” is in reference to 43-year-old Kardashian, particularly because of the capitalized letters in the track’s title that spell out “KIM.”

The song itself is rooted in the story of a hometown bully “throwin’ punches” at the narrator. As she copes with the “searing pain” from the attacks, she ultimately finds that it’s made her stronger in the end.

Then there’s the bridge that really seemed to bring it home for Swifties.

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