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I Would Literally Zone Out’ – Coco Gauff Opens Up About When the Hard-Hitting Reality of Rafael Nadal Retirement Struck Her



Rafael Nadal has always been the talk of the town but his retirement news has brought in more attention than ever. The Spaniard revealed that the current season will in all probability be the final one of his illustrious career. Moreover, with his fitness issues still raging, Nadal also mentioned that he will participate in the French Open only if he feels physically capable of doing so. Much like the rest of us, Coco Gauff has been hit hard by the Spaniard’s retirement update.

During an interview ahead of the Italian Open, Gauff was asked to comment on Nadal’s legacy, given that he’ll potentially play the French Open for the final time in his career this year. While the American star was upset with Nadal’s retirement update, she finally realized that it was coming soon. “Yeah, honestly it’s very weird for me as a fan to come to terms with just because the majority of my life he’s been the Roland Garros winner. Yeah, I mean, I guess it’s now hitting.”

Further, she went on to add, “I think I was in Madrid. It didn’t really hit that he was retiring yet. Now when I saw them do the little ceremony after, I was like this is real life, this is for real. I feel a little bit sad about it because he’s definitely one of my favorite players to watch. His mentality and intensity is something I admire. Honestly, he’s probably the only player that when I practice on the court next to him, I would literally zone out of my practice to watch him.”

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