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Italian Open: Coco Gauff’s Coach Resumes Duties in a Heart-Felt Return to the ‘Eternal City’ After Zendaya’s Movie Kept Him Busy



Brad Gilbert, who has an enormous role in the successful career of tennis star Coco Gauff, is back in the tournament after a noticeable gap. While his absence made fans a bit curious, he was busy training the protagonist of Challengers movie, Zendaya. After attending the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Challengers’ in the US, he is back with Gauff proving that he “did not choose Zendaya” over her!

Brad Gilbert has recently put up a tweet announcing his arrival in Rome to help Coco Gauff pursue her dreams on clay court events. “Nice, to be back at the Rome tournament. 1st time I have been back since 2007, a lot of changes to the facilities.“ Coco Gauff last won a title on clay at the Emilia Romagna Open in 2021. It will be interesting to see if he can help Gauff break the jinx on clay courts this time around in Italy.

However, before coming to Italy, Coco Gauff released a clarification explaining the real reason behind hiring her former tennis coach, Jean-Christophe Faurel. Gauff said that she has worked with Faurel in the past and just wanted him to handle one tournament independently. Speaking on Gilbert’s absence, she said, “No, he did not choose Zendaya over me (smiling). I think I kind of told him to take a step back. Especially with starting with J.C., I wanted him to just be able to work on it on his own and play a tournament by himself.”

She further went on to add, “And also, like, we are going to have two tournaments together. We’re going to spend a lot of time together. If you know Brad, it’s good to take a break sometimes.” She also disclosed that Brad Gilbert will be back very soon in her player box. Gauff emphasized that he wasn’t meant to accompany her to every tournament. But she assured the fans that Gilbert would be there at the “big” events. Now, seeing Gilbert’s presence in Italy, fans could easily get an idea of how crucial is this tournament for Coco Gauff this year. She desperately wants to make an end to her trophyless run on clay.

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