Jason Kelce Came Into Her Hot Dog Restaurant and ‘Tried To Roast the Queen’

Jason Kelce Came Into Her Hot Dog Restaurant and ‘Tried To Roast the Queen’

When Jason Kelce walked into the Chicago restaurant where Poochie Rollins works on Wednesday, Rollins had some insults ready for Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s brother, who doubles as the Philadelphia Eagles center.

Kelce had just been named one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive, which was an easy mark. He was also wearing Wrangler jeans despite “all that money,” as Rollins put it. He met his wife on Tinder, which offered Rollins a way to question his ability to talk to women.

Rollins, of course, had nothing against Kelce personally. People come in to The Wiener’s Circle for the specific experience of being roasted by employees, and Rollins has been dishing out insults for 25 years. She is a professional.

“I’m just a s*** talker,” Rollins told Newsweek. “I’ve been like this all my life. I got a big family. This is just how me and my family is. My mother was the same way, she would roast a motherf***** like she didn’t care what came out of her mouth. I get my mouth from my mother.”

.@JasonKelce and @AndrewWhitworth in Wiener’s Circle is something you do not want to miss. 🤣 pic.twitter.com/kWkI4EgU9Q

— NFL on Prime Video (@NFLonPrime) November 10, 2023
Roughly a week before the Thursday Night Football contingent that included Kelce and former Cincinnati Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth arrived, The Wiener’s Circle got a heads up. It wasn’t the restaurant’s first brush with a celebrity: The unassuming hot-dog restaurant has hosted a number of celebrities including Marshawn Lynch and an appearance from pop star Ed Sheeran that garnered a crowd employees still talk about with awe.

“People was everywhere,” Rollins said. “They were jumping on the benches and everything.”

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on against the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field on November 5, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kelce visited a famous Chicago hot-dog restaurant recently.
To prepare for Kelce’s arrival, The Wiener’s Circle put out a sign welcoming “Taylor’s Boyfriend’s Brother,” a clever nod to Travis Kelce’s status as “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.” Amazon Prime requested that the restaurant change its sign to “The Other Kelce Brother,” and they obliged. Amazon had no comment when contacted by Newsweek on Tuesday.

“Of course [Taylor’s boyfriend’s brother] was the funnier one,” Rollins said. “Kelce said it himself we should have kept that one up, but Amazon wanted to put the other s*** up there.”

Kelce left a good impression with employees, who called him “humble” and “down-to-earth.”

“He was really funny,” Ragen Eggert, who handles social media for the restaurant, told Newsweek. “He knew how to take a joke, knew how to throw one out.”

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While Kelce didn’t quite garner a crowd like Sheeran, Eggert was shocked by how many people knew him. Many fans driving by decoded the sign outside and parked their cars to try to catch a glimpse. After he left, fans still trickled in asking if they missed him.

A celebrity of Kelce’s status gets the best insults The Wiener’s Circle can provide, which means an appearance from Rollins.

“Poochie is a legend at The Wiener’s Circle,” Eggert said. “She’s the queen there. … She’s definitely the best of the best. I’ve been working there for five years, and I always try to take pointers and s***. She’s really funny, she’s really well-rounded and respected here. We f****** love her.”

As is tradition at the restaurant, Kelce shot back at one of her digs by telling her if she got out on the field, she might look like Michael Strahan.

“He tried to roast the queen,” Rollins said. “He tried to have a little bit of roast, tried to come for me. He was a little funny. I gave it to him.”

Kelce also promised Rollins a signed kelly-green Eagles jersey, which hadn’t arrived by Monday when she spoke to Newsweek. What had arrived was the level of social media attention that comes from an interaction with either of the Kelce brothers after Travis began dating Swift. Rollins hasn’t mastered social media yet (“I’m like ‘Baby, I’m in my late 40s, you have to catch me at a moment where somebody is recording'”), but her TikTok is full of funny snapshots from her life.

“People want to know if I’m like that at home,” Rollins said. “I’m like that period when I wake up.”

After Wednesday’s interaction, Rollins posted some behind-the-scenes (and far more NSFW) moments from her interaction with Kelce. As a result, her TikTok went from 12 followers to more than 30,000 over the last week.

“Him and Andrew, they blew my f****** TikTok up,” Rollins said. “I’m not mad at it at all.”

The Thursday Night Football broadcast, which is now a repeat customer of The Wiener’s Circle, gave the restaurant (and Rollins specifically) a lengthy shout out on its broadcast. Kelce called her a sweetheart.

“He was really cool,” Rollins said. “I would love to meet him again or whatever. Now I’m waiting for the other brother to come in. Hopefully I can get his a** up in there.”

Rollins currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin, helping care for a relative, but she works at The Wiener’s Circle full-time from March to November most years (although this year she broke four toes when a drawer fell on her foot in September). She said the restaurant has opened “a lot of doors,” including her role as the voice actor for Medina on the Comedy Central show Legends of Chamberlain Heights, which ran for two seasons in 2016 and 2017.

“I miss home,” she said. “I’m not a Packers fan. I’m not a cheesehead. I don’t honor none of that s***.”

If, in the interim, Jason Kelce wants to send her some tickets, she wouldn’t mind. She might settle for an appearance on New Heights, however.

“I know he’s giving me a jersey or something, but he could have invited me to damn Eagles game,” Rollins said. “You know what I’m saying? I need some f****** tickets to the Eagles game. Invite me to that little bathroom hallway a** podcast he got.”