Jason Kelce Fights Back Tears While Recording Christmas Tune With Travis ‘We’re not crying, you’re crying!’

Jason Kelce Fights Back Tears While Recording Christmas Tune With Travis
‘We’re not crying, you’re crying!’

We may be used to seeing Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce dominate the football field, but the two brothers are entering a new realm together—and it’s about to get emotional.

Jason, 36, recently enlisted his younger bro to record a Christmas tune as part of his NFL team’s holiday album, and the sweet duet is hitting even harder than we would’ve expected.

The Philadelphia Eagles player even got choked up while singing the lyrics of the song, “Fairytale of Philadelphia,” a reimagined version of the Christmas classic, “Fairytale of New York.”

While explaining the meaning behind his song choice in a new Instagram video, Jason could be seen calling up Travis, 34, to ask if he would be willing to show off his singing skills.

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“It’s like two people fighting but they really love each other,” Jason explained of the song’s meaning. “It kind of works really good for our relationship.”

Obviously, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end was totally game for the idea, and ended up remotely recording his own verse for the song, which officially dropped on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

But when Jason got into the recording studio, he channeled a deep meaning for the message of the song, explaining, “I think it could be a look at the relationship of two brothers and how much you’re wrapped up in your family’s lives and how much that impacts where you end up in life.”

Calling it a “realistic approach” to his brotherly relationship, Jason began singing his part, though it wasn’t long before he burst into tears.

“We’re not crying, you’re crying!” read the caption on the Instagram video. “Your favorite NFL brothers are back with a Christmas hit! Go stream Fairytale of Philadelphia NOW!”

After the song released on Wednesday, it quickly debuted as No. 8 on Apple Music charts, a milestone Jason said was “incredibly humbling” in a message posted to X.

“Fairytale of Philadelphia” is featured on the Philadelphia Eagles’ second holiday album, A Philly Special Christmas Special, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.