Kansas City Chiefs Gives a Nod to Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ in Postseason Trailer

The football team released a promo of their season highlights with a narrator teasing the ‘love story.’

The Kansas City Chiefs have gotten creative with their postseason marketing material — and how could they not capitalize on Travis Kelce’s romance with Taylor Swift? Earlier this week, the team released a new postseason playoffs promo, and it nods to the pair’s relationship.

“Huddle up, Chiefs Kingdom … we’ve got a postseason story to tell,” the team’s Instagram account wrote alongside the clip, which features highlights from past seasons. A narrator also appears throughout the promo, sitting down and reading from a book that represent’s the Chiefs’ story.

“The regular season is over and we’ve had a great year,” he says. “Happy postseason, Chiefs kingdom, the playoffs are here / It might not be a holiday, but we’ll treat it like like one / Three Super Bowls to our name and the fun’s just begun. Valentine’s Day is jealous of the ‘love story’ we have / Who could ever separate the end zone from Trav?”

Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Kelce walks to the field during NFL divisional round playoff football game, in Philadelphia
Giants Eagles Football, Philadelphia, United States – 21 Jan 2023
Toward the end of the trailer, the narrator hinted at what Swifties know as Taylor’s lucky number: 13. “Who would want to miss the next 13 seconds?” he asks.

Fans took the reference of Travis, 34, as a clear sign to Taylor’s hit single “Love Story.” Additionally, the fact that the narrator chose to connect the football tight end to Valentine’s Day was also assumed two point to Travis’ relationship with Taylor, 34.

This isn’t the only clever marketing promo that the Chiefs have released this week. They also dropped a hilarious rom-com spoof starring Pretty Little Liars alum Janel Parrish and Hallmark actor Tyler Hynes as melodramatic love interests, who bond over their love for the NFL team.

It’s no secret that the NFL has welcomed the public attention that accompanied Taylor and Travis’ relationship. Thanks to her worldwide fan base, the pair have received overwhelming popularity, and the league made sure to cut to the pop singer’s face a few times during each game last year.

However, two worlds collided from their romance, and the sports world isn’t the only one who has poked fun at the buzz surrounding Taylor and Travis. During the Golden Globe Awards on January 7, host Jo Koy joked, “The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? At the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift.” The cameras proceeded to feature Taylor’s blank facial expression on screen.