Kansas City Chiefs Tease Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ in New Playoff Videos

The NFL team began posting teasers for its NFL Playoff matchup against the Miami Dolphins on Saturday

The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping their “love story” turns into a success story this weekend when the team begins its NFL Playoff run Saturday against the Miami Dolphins in a first-round matchup.

The team began previewing this weekend’s AFC Wild Card game with a series of social media videos that describe the NFL Playoffs as a “holiday” the team’s fans can look forward to.

The playoff teasers include a hype video that references tight end Travis Kelce and singer Taylor Swift’s romance, as well as a Hallmark movie spoof that features Donna Kelce in her “acting debut.”

The Chiefs began sharing the short video teasers on social media Tuesday.

“Huddle up, Chiefs Kingdom… we’ve got a postseason story to tell,” the team posted alongside a hype video that features the team’s radio announcer Mitch Holthus sitting fireside, reading a rhyming “story” that recaps the Chiefs’ season.

“The regular season is over and we’ve had a great year. Happy postseason, Chiefs Kingdom, the playoffs are here!” Holthus says. “It may not be a holiday, but we’ll treat it like one. Three Super Bowls to our name and the fun’s just begun.”

Giving a nod to the NFL’s biggest storyline this season, the Chiefs announcer then adds, alongside videos of Kelce making several big catches: “Valentine’s Day is jealous of the love story that we have. Who could ever separate the end zone from Trav?”

The romance between Swift and Kelce, both 34, took the league by storm throughout this season, as the “Love Story” singer began appearing at Chiefs games to cheer on Kelce.

The couple made things official in September, according to Swift, who has appeared at nearly every Kansas City home game this season sitting alongside Kelce’s parents Donna and Ed Kelce.