Kay Adams makes Tom Brady unretiring joke live on FanDuel show as Rob Gronkowski is forced to defend Patriots icons

ROB Gronkowski had to defend Patriots icons after Kay Adams took shots at them.

Gronk and Adams were discussing Matthew Slater’s potential retirement from the New England Patriots on Up & Adams when Adams got fed up.

Adams felt like players on the Patriots spend too much time deciding when to retire and are indecisive.

“What is it with you New England gentleman and the inability to make a decision?” Adams said.

“Tom, Bill now is in and out, Kraft is like do I want him or do I not?

“You, Slater, I think Julian took a minute, Danny is running around doing stuff in the NFL. What is so hard about walking away?”

Gronk explained how it is a very emotional decision to decide to retire from the NFL, and you don’t want to make a decision based on extreme emotions.

He shared a lesson that Bill Belichick told him and other Patriots players.

“I’ll tell you this, what’s so hard about walking away? Coach Belichick always engraved in us, ‘hey don’t make a decision a week or two after the season,'” Gronk said.

“Because the emotions are flying high. The emotions are the emotions right there, they haven’t settled in yet.

“Take your time, let everything settle in, don’t just make a decision based off of what happened the day before or what happened that season.

“Let yourself calm down, relax, go on a little vacation and then go from there and see what you really want in life.”

The advice from Gronk was great insight for Adams into what Belichick is likely doing right now.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting Belichick to make a decision about his head coaching future, but he could be taking his time.

With the Seattle Seahawks parting ways with Pete Carroll on Wednesday, there are now seven head coaching openings in the NFL.

It will be interesting to see if those teams wait to see what Belichick’s decision is or if they go forward with hiring new coaches before his future is decided.