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Kim Kardashian sparks shock cosmetic surgery theory after expert spots key detail at Met Gala



Kim Kardashian’s appearance at Monday’s Met Gala has sparked a peculiar new cosmetic surgery theory.

The reality TV star, 43, shocked fans with her impossibly thin waist during fashion’s biggest night, with some even questioning if she’d had ‘ribs removed’ in order to fit into her Maison Margiela corset gown.

But now, a new detail about her look has been called out by eagle-eyed social media users — her very smooth hands.

Indeed, so perfect was the appearance of the reality star’s hands that Dana Omari-Harrell, who runs a popular plastic surgery-themed Instagram account @IGFamousByDana, suggested she may have undergone ‘hand filling’, a surgical procedure that involves the injection of dental fillers to reduce wrinkles.

Sharing comparison images of Kim’s hands – which the reality star herself branded ‘wrinkly and gross’ back in 2022 – Dana pointed to the fact that the skin appears much smoother than ever before, with every wrinkle and line seemingly vanished.

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