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Kim Kardashian Warns Sister Khloe To Be Careful What You Wish For… See her wish



Sisters that swing bags together, stay together. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Okay yeah, you caught me, it’s not, but the Kardashians are making it a thing.

Kim just gave Khloé the chicest reply to her latest bag swinging dare. It’s 16 years later Khloé and bags get bigger, don’t say she didn’t warn you. Kim Kardashian Tells Khloe Her Bag Has Gotten Bigger Over the Years

New Year, Bigger Bag, That’s Kim K’s motto.

The reality star recently had a little online spat with her sister. No, it’s by no means as humongous as the one currently happening between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, (may the best rapper win).

Okay, back to the Kardashian world where designer bags swing. Khloe made fans a little nostalgic when she posted a throwback clip of an argument she had with her sis Kim.

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