Mac Jones Brings Up Tom Brady When Asked About Bill Belichick

FOXBORO, Mass. — Playing for Bill Belichick hasn’t worked out for Mac Jones, to put it mildly.

But does the Patriots quarterback still believe he can succeed with Belichick as his head coach?

Jones was asked that question Monday morning during his first media availability since being benched in Week 12. Jones, obviously aware of the speculation surrounding Belichick’s job status, basically punted on the question.

Instead, he brought up Tom Brady and the glory years of the Patriots dynasty.

“You know, growing up, watching the Patriots and being a big fan of the Patriots, I feel like him and Tom had a lot of success,” Jones said. “And that was something that I really noticed when I was little. And I have a lot of success for what they did, and how him and Tom won six Super Bowls. Very impressive run. … We’ll see what the future holds.”

Here’s Mac Jones’ first media availability since Week 12. Said he feels like he let the team down but will work hard for his next opportunity, wherever it is.

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So, what does any of that mean? Your guess is as good as ours.

Maybe Jones was trying to say he still has hope for somehow replicating what Belichick and Brady accomplished together. Maybe he was endorsing Belichick amid the hot-seat rumors. Maybe it was a combination of the two or something.

Either way, it was an interesting quote from a player who specializes in burying meaning within seemingly innocuous non-answers.