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Met Gala 2024: From Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga; these top celebrities didn’t show up



Several A-listers grabbed attention with their iconic looks and appearance at the Met Gala event on Monday. As celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya continued to remain at the centre of attraction, absence of big names like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, etc disappointed the fans. Take a look at the full list of stars who did not make it to the green carpet this year.

Taylor Swift
Global sensation Taylor Swift was absent from the Met Gala event. According to the People website, the Tortured fame singer could not make it to the event because of her busy schedule due to her iconic Eras Tour in Europe. The Eras tour is set to begin this week and will continue until summer. Swift was last seen at the Gala event in 2016.

Fondly known as Riri, pop singer Rihanna is infamous for her appearing in the show late. However, this time, the singer left the audience waiting as she did not show up at the Met Gala. Rihanna’s absence from the show was unexpected as she had also dropped a hint about her dress at the event earlier. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she stayed at home because of an unexpected bout with the flu.

Another star who was absent from the show was Blake Lively, who is currently enjoying her motherhood phase. Lively skipped the Met Gala event as earlier she teased that she wouldn’t be attending the show. Instead, she would enjoy the show as a part of the audience.

Lady Gaga
After winning hearts with her spectacular and unique dresses and looks nearly 5 years ago, Lady Gaga continued to remain absent from the event. She has not been attending the Met Gala since 2019. Her absence this year left her fans disappointed.

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