Not Getting the Praise She Deserves, Angel Reese Bolsters 22YO Teammate’s Value in LSU’s Success

LSU Tigers’ dynamic No.10 Angel Reese is known to be a fierce competitor. The Bayou Barbie has been the go-to lady for the defending champions on multiple occasions. However, as much pride as she takes in her individual performances, she doesn’t miss any opportunity to recognize and praise her teammates.

Last-Tear Poa has been an unsung hero for the Lady Tigers this season. Nonetheless, the All-American forward Reese gets her back and lets the world know about the extraordinary potential of her sister-in-arms.

Angel Reese recently went on X to reshare a post from Posther Hoops on her profile. The post features multiple short videos of her teammate Last-Tear Poa captioned, “She doesn’t get enough credit for what she does. OUR GLUE. She sacrifices her body for us every game. We don’t win without Poa!!!” Apparently, the post is also stating some facts about Poa’s ability to handle charges. The tough junior guard from the LSU Tigers has been at the receiving end of 21 charges in her 16 games played so far.

She doesn’t get enough credit for what she does. OUR GLUE. She sacrifices her body for us every game. We don’t win without Poa!!!

Moreover, the post says, “You ever wondered why “charges” aren’t officially tracked or counted towards a player’s stat sheet? Our guess would be that players don’t take enough of them regularly. But not Last-Tear Poa; she’s averaging just over 1 a game this season. It takes a tough individual to take 21 charges in just 16 games into the season. Let’s give Last-Tear her credit!”

The talented No.13 has been sending waves in the NCAA following her exceptional ability in defense. A lot of credit should be given to the 5′ 11″ for the consistent and spirited efforts she puts in every time she steps onto the hardwood. In the 364 minutes she has spent on the court, Poa has contributed 80 points averaging 5 points per game. In addition to this, out of her 35 rebounds, 30 have been grabbed on the defensive front. Furthermore, she had caused 30 turnovers and also has 22 steals to her name.

There is no denying that LSU is a powerhouse in the women’s basketball division. As Angel Reese is the face of the Lady Tigers’ offensive play, Kim Mulkey will be relieved that she has Last-Tear Poa to handle the business at the defensive end. As a result, fans are pleased to see them in action together.