Olivia Dunne tries to outshine Angel Reese by playing basketball

Olivia Dunne tries to outshine Angel Reese by playing basketball, but the focus was on her tiny outfit

Olivia Dunne did her best Angel Reese impression by putting up some shots at the LSU basketball court, in a viral video posted on Dunne’s Instagram.

She ironically joked about being a two-sport athlete despite a few missed baskets, but it was clear that her followers were more engaged by her outfit than her hooping skills.

Olivia Dunne shows off basketball skills at LSU
“Buckets, all day!” a friend cheered her on as Dunne banked in a long range shot in the video.

While wearing her small and revealing LSU gymnastics leotard, the TikTok superstar showed off a between-the-legs dribble and tried bouncing two basketballs at once. But fans got the sense the video was not about playing basketball.

“Cheeked up playing ball,” a follower mused bluntly on instagram, while the top comment accused the video of being an excuse to post her attractive figure.

Whatever the intention, fans loved the cross-sport video, which racked up over 1 million views in 10 hours. Dunne will have to work on her jump shot if she wants to get the attention of Reese and embattled LSU basketball coach Kim Mulkey. But meanwhile, she’s off to a flying start in her final season with LSU gymnastics.