Pau Gasol joins Tom Brady and Serena Williams in a ‘Dream Team’ of advisors

Consello Strive is the first of its kind as a global firm

The entrepreneurial Pau Gasol has just announced a new business initiative with the launch of Consello Strive, where the Spanish sports legend aims to bring together sport, entertainment and leadership development on a single platform.

He will do so with an extraordinary team: Tom Brady and Serena Williams, world sports legends, who also serve as founding partners in this unique Dream Team, specializing in guidance, investment and content management in the aforementioned fields.

“I have seen firsthand the lasting impact that sports can have both on and off the court,” Gasol said in a press release.

“Joining Consello Strive as a partner is a natural step for me given my passion for growth and impactful change, aspects that I am already addressing through Gasol16 Ventures, my investment vehicle, and the Gasol Foundation, whose mission is to eradicate childhood obesity.”

Who is involved in the cast of legends?
Tom Brady, seven-time Super Bowl champion and co-founder of Consello, as well as Serena Williams, winner of 23 Grand Slam tennis titles, are among a cast of partners for the new company, along with Declan Kelly, Janey Whiteside, Peter Mattoon, Dr. Oscar Salazar and Mindy Grossman, among others.

“Since the beginning of our journey at Consello,” Brady said. “Our mission has been very clear: to make the best in the world even better. With Consello Strive, we have brought together top leaders to mentor people in sports and entertainment in ways that have never been experienced before.”

Serena Williams, meanwhile, celebrated “being able to collaborate with emerging leaders, especially young women, to help them achieve their goals and dreams.”

What exactly is Consello Strive?
The group handles trading assets and investment plans in several industries and aims to create sustainable and profitable growth over time. It also specializes in advising in an even greater span of fields, focusing on strategy plans and strategic decision making.

It’s described as the first of its kind in the whole world to exist, at least on a global scale, and thus it could evovle over time and develop into something new or continue to add new categories and services to its roster.