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Prince William Reportedly Furious Over Harry, Meghan’s Visit To Nigeria



The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Nigeria over the weekend to promote the Invictus Games.

Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge, William is reportedly in rage over his brother, Prince Harry’s visit to Nigeria with Meghan Markle.

Prince William is reportedly determined to stop Harry and Meghan’s royal tour as one royal expert is said to believe that Prince Harry and Meghan’s recent trip to Nigeria has angered the Prince of Wales.

The Mirror reports that a royal expert revealed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have left King Charles and Prince William “absolutely furious” with their Nigerian tour.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Nigeria over the weekend to promote the Invictus Games.

However, they have faced criticism for the trip, with some Britons dubbing it an unofficial royal tour.

Royal expert Tom Quinn has suggested the Prince of Wales isn’t happy with the couple.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Quinn was quoted as saying, “William is absolutely furious and determined to find a way to stop this happening in future. Charles is said to be angrier than anyone has ever seen him.

“What’s really upset the applecart is the fact that the Nigerians treated Meghan and Harry as if they too thought this was an official tour – all the signs were there as the couple were greeted with dances, receptions, visits to schools and charities.”

Quinn said there had been fears among the Royal Family that Meghan and Harry “would try to pull a fast one” and believes the Nigeria trip “has confirmed their worst fears.”

He further explained, “It’s as if Harry and Meghan have gone rogue – their Nigeria trip is a bold statement that they refuse to accept they are no longer working royals.

“William and Charles are scratching their heads and thinking, ‘How are we going to control this nightmare situation?'”

Looking back at Meghan and Harry’s trip, Tom said it’s “easy to see why the senior royals are worried”.

According to him, “Everything you might expect from an official royal visit was there – the receptions, the visits to schools and charities, to wounded soldiers and the disabled.

“Meghan and Harry’s speeches and their whole attitude has been designed to give the impression that they are still fully paid-up royals and William and his father King Charles don’t like it one bit.

“For Charles and William, it’s as if Meghan and Harry are saying, ‘We don’t need your permission to be working royals – we will do it on our own terms whenever and wherever we like’.”

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