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Queen Camilla fears King Charles health may deteriorate as he ramps up royal duties



King Charles raises eyebrows as he drastically ‘ramps up’ royal duties

Queen Camilla is said to be trying to hold back King Charles after he has drastically “ramped up” his royal duties.

A royal commentator has claimed that Camilla, 76, is trying to stop her cancer-stricken husband King Charles from taking too much burden of the royal duties as it could deteriorate his health.

This comes after the monarch carried out back to back royal engagements and continued public-facing duties.

On Monday, King Charles presented his eldest son Prince William with the title of Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps. On Tuesday the King knighted the Archbishop of Canterbury in his first investiture ceremony since being diagnosed with cancer.

Jennie Bond shared her thoughts on the King’s activities in talks withGB News, saying: “They said he’d be carrying out two or three engagements every week. It’s at least that now. Most of them don’t last too long, so they are probably not too tiring. There he was yesterday with his son at the ceremony, the handing over and the garden party, as you say.

“So yes, he’s being seen in public as much as he possibly can, but there are slight amendments today. There were about 50 people at the investiture. Normally there’d be 60 or 70.

“Perhaps it was sort of ten, 15 minutes, maybe half an hour shorter than usual. So the doctors I think are monitoring it closely and whispering in his ear, don’t get too exhausted.

“We know that Camilla is trying to hold him back a little bit, but we’re told he’s a bit like a caged lion. He wants to get out there, he enjoys it. I mean, he really thoroughly seemed to be enjoying the investiture.”

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