Queen’s fury over naming of baby Lilibet

Queen’s fury over naming of baby Lilibet: Aide says monarch was ‘as angry as I’d ever seen her’ after Harry and Meghan claimed they had her blessing to use childhood nickname

Queen Elizabeth was infuriated by Harry and Meghan’s claim that she had given her blessing to their daughter being named Lilibet, a new book reveals.

One member of her staff says the monarch was ‘as angry as I’d ever seen her’ after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex publicly stated they would not have used her private family nickname if she had not been ‘supportive’.

The couple even ordered their aggressive firm of lawyers, Schillings, to write to news broadcasters and publishers – most notably the BBC – saying claims she was not asked for permission were false and defamatory and should not be repeated.

But when the Sussexes attempted to ‘co-opt’ Buckingham Palace into ‘propping up’ their version of events, they were ‘rebuffed’.

The illuminating revelation comes in the latest instalment of a fascinating new biography – Charles III: New King, New Court. The Inside Story, by the Mail’s writer Robert Hardman, currently being serialised exclusively in the Daily Mail.

It has already revealed the existence of a remarkable memo detailing the late Queen’s last moments, now contained in the Royal Archives, in which her private secretary recorded that she had ‘slipped away’ peacefully – but not before completing her last box of paperwork and leaving two sealed letters in it, one addressed to her son and heir.

In Monday’s instalment Hardman explores the fall-out as a result of the Sussexes’ decision to acrimoniously quit royal duties and the ongoing issues around Prince Andrew, including how:

Speaking to members of the Royal Family, friends and palace staff both past and present, Hardman’s insight into Harry’s relations with family members are fascinating.

In 2021, his and Meghan’s decision to call their new daughter Lilibet, who was born in California and has only once briefly been to the UK, raised eyebrows.

Lilibet was the affectionate childhood nickname of the late Queen, said to have come about because as a child Princess Elizabeth could never pronounce her own name properly.