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RACY RIRI Rihanna flashes her curves in lingerie as she celebrates 6 years of Savage X Fenty in sexy new video



RIHANNA has flaunted her figure in a racy new clip for one of her brands.

The pop music icon shared a video montage for Savage X Fenty on Instagram on Saturday.

In the post, Rihanna, 36, was captured in several different moments from her journey with her underwear brand.

The video showed Rihanna in ads for the company, celebrating her pieces with fashion shows, and modeling the eye-catching garments while pregnant.

“This is just the beginning. #6YearsOfSavageX. CHEERS TO 6 YEARS! And thank Y’ALL for rocking with us year after year,” she wrote in her caption.

“Yessss happy anniversary. I have so many great sets and crop tops, body suits, lounge sets, etc. I am a Savage girlie!!!!” one fan gushed in the comment section.

Last month, however, fans thought that Rihanna dropped a hint that she was ditching music.

On Instagram, the singer changed her profile picture from a stick figure face to a photo of alien hands holding her Fenty Beauty products.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, fans took the change as a sign that Rihanna was wholly focused on business and leaving music behind.

“Well, thanks for reminding us that we’re never getting the album Rihanna,” one person said.

“She really changed it to an alien holding [a] Fenty product, we’re never getting that album I fear,” said a second.

“Boycott Fenty so she runs out of money and comes out with an album instead,” a third joked.

It’s going to sound hypocritical because I did so much s**t in my life, I had my nipples out, I had my panties out.

But now those are the things, I guess as a mom, and an evolved young lady… it’s just things that I feel I would never do…

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