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Rihanna is unfairly criticized for the way she carries her child during birthday celebration



She can be a “bad girl” but not a bad mom

Is there anything wrong with the way Rihanna carried her son at his birthday celebration? Rihanna carried her son upside down by his feet, and apparently, this has caused some discomfort among some parents on the internet.

But the truth is that many parents engage in this playful gesture with their children; it’s a playful action often done to tease or play pranks on the kids. There’s no ill intent behind it. In the video shared on social media, you can see how Rihanna carried her son. Everyone has an opinion about it.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky recently celebrated their son’s second birthday in style, throwing a private bash at Color Factory in New York City. The couple, known for their flair and creativity, went all out to make it a memorable occasion for their older son, RZA, as he turned two.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Celebrate Son RZA’s 2nd Birthday

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