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Royal news – live: King Charles ‘wasn’t invited’ to see Prince Harry as war of words erupts



Prince Harry and King Charles just missed each other after the Duke of Sussex flew into London for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games

Prince Harry did not make a request to visit King Charles or invite him to the Invictus Games Foundation event when he flew into London, sources have claimed.

But the Duke of Sussex’s friends claimed he was left stung when his father didn’t request to see him but was able to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace – despite his cancer treatment.

“It’s all very sad,” said a friend of Charles, according to The Times. “While he was hardly going to roll out the red carpet the moment this Invictus trip was announced, with doctors advising him to focus on his treatment and recovery, the idea that he refused to find space in his diary…Well, let’s say recollections may vary once again.”

A friend of Harry’s hit back: “Could His Majesty not have made a request to see his son? It was widely known he was coming.”

The war of words came on a weekend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Nigeria, where the two spoke at the mental health summit with the local nonprofit the GEANCO Foundation, supported by the couple’s Archwell Foundation at the Lightway Academy in Abuja.

Prince Harry and King Charles in war of words over whether royals did offer to meet
Differing reports as to whether King Charles offered to meet Prince Harry or vice versa in the last week have been attributed to the lack of co-ordination between the King and Harry’s PR teams.

Royal historian Dr Judith Rowbotham told i: “There is no real connection between their [Sussexes’s] PR team and the King’s PR team because that would be constitutionally improper.

“If they were acting together you could create a situation where the King would be ignoring government restraints.”

In 2020 the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stood down from frontline royal duties, meaning they are no longer “part of the state structure,” according to Dr Rowbotham.

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