See why Patrick Mahomes got his helmet cracked up in the Dolphins- Chiefs game

You could see the cold of the Kansas City Chiefs-Miami Dolphins wild-card game in the snow on the ground, in the bundled-up crowd of Arrowhead Stadium and in Andy Reid’s icicle mustache.

The most “this game is incomprehensibly cold” moment might have come in the third quarter, however, when Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes ran upfield for a run, was met by Dolphins safety DeShon Elliott and had a shard of his helmet knocked off.

It appeared the helmet was cold that the plastic legitimately cracked and left a clear hole to the left of Mahomes’ forehead. This is stuff you just don’t see in a normal game:

The officials seemed unsure how to proceed once they saw Mahomes’ equipment issue. They briefly paused play, without charging a timeout, for Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaure to run out a back-up helmet.

The Chiefs came up short on the ensuing first-and-goal, eventually kicking a 21-yard field goal to go up 19-7. Mahomes didn’t miss a play, though it took him a while to get the back-up helmet properly sized.