Serena Williams Makes Desperate Plea for ‘Help’

Serena Williams recently surprised her fans with a shocking revelation about her Taco Tuesday celebration at her home. Now Williams’s fans know well that on such Tuesdays, the world’s former number-one tennis star enjoys a sumptuous family feast with daughter Olympia and husband Alexis Ohanian. However, this time Serena Williams almost shocked her fans by revealing a hilarious fact about her recent Taco Tuesday celebration.

This world’s former number-one tennis star is known to be very active on social media platforms. She regularly shares her life updates with her fans. However, her recent revelation also enlightened her fans about a secret truth about this tennis legend.

This legendary former tennis star recently shared a story on her official Instagram profile. Here she was spotted confessing that she had a lot of tacos as her meal. Williams said- “The honest truth is I over ate tonight. Umm… Taco Tuesday.. it gives me every single Tuesday I start my week off so well I did so good on Monday yesterday and then ummm taco Tuesday hits and after you know it just like a hundred tacos maybe two hundred then I justify its not ten hundred… I justify because I’m like ohhh there’s street tacos you know so but doesn’t matter like… help.. that’s too many… really disappointed at myself.”

After this story, fans understood that this legendary tennis star has a soft corner for tacos, especially if they are not homemade but street ones. However, they were surprised to see Serena Williams making such an honest confession about not taking care of her diet and indulging in her favorite food like normal people.

Taco Tuesday is a serious ritual at Serena Williams’s home as previously also the family expressed how they celebrate their togetherness over delicious tacos on Tuesday. Previously, Serena Williams’s husband Alexis Ohanian shared a clip of this celebration when the father asked his daughter “How many tortillas do you want?” and Olympia surprised fans by saying “I need a lot, a hundred.”

After this clip, it was not unknown to the fans that the family had a deep-rooted love for tacos. At least, daughter Olympia takes a similar take on tacos to her mother Serena Williams.