Taking Charge With Angel Reese and Co., Why Did Aneesah Morrow Transfer to LSU?

Aneesah Morrow’s impressive stats, including her high shooting percentage and steals per game, have been the talk of the town, but it all took an outlaw when she decided to switch from DePaul to LSU. Indeed, Morrow is one of the powerful candidates who entered the transfer portal. Her name has been heard across every stadium where the LSU Tigers play. The junior guard’s remarkable powers have helped her club win back-to-back games in the ongoing 2023–24 NCAA season.

Her strategic prowess and unparalleled court vision, as well as the magnificent display of her talents in each match, drew the attention of the audience. Aneesah’s ability to make precise passes and create scoring opportunities for her teammates has been a key factor in the team’s success.

A former All-American and Big East Freshman of the Year, Aneesah Morrow has won several honors during her basketball career. But as she spent her time at college, she decided to make a change. The Chicago native, who excelled in both high school and college, stated that she wished for empty seasons and more championship victories.

She made her move to Louisiana State University early in the season to win the school’s first national title. Throughout her transition, which saw her recruited by over 35 colleges, Morrow had encouragement from Doug Bruno, the head coach of DePaul women’s basketball.