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EXCLUSIVE: Travis Kelce ‘can’t bear to be apart’ from Taylor Swift as the singer restarts her tour
NFL star Travis Kelce is said to be planning to fly out to see his girlfriend Taylor Swift perform when she embarks on the international leg of her Eras Tour next week

NFL hunk Travis Kelce ‘can’t bear to be apart’ from Taylor Swift as the singer restarts the Eras Tour next week.

The hitmaker, 33, has been dating the Kansas City Chiefs star Travis, 34, for the past few weeks, with things seemingly heating up. But now as Taylor gets back into “work mode” ahead of flying out to Argentina next week for the international leg of The Eras Tour, questions surrounding how the new couple will stay connected have risen.

Last week on a popular podcast, it was revealed that when out for dinner recently, Taylor mentioned she would not be going to any more of her tight end boyfriend’s games because she’s back in work mode “preparing for her international tour”. It was also revealed that Travis would be going to some part of it.

Taylor Swift in ‘work mode’ as she cools it with Travis Kelce amid his plans for her tour

Travis Kelce is said to be smitten with his new girlfriend ( Image: AP)
Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Inbaal Honigman, a renowned celebrity psychic, has revealed to us that as Taylor gets back into “work mode”, her boyfriend Travis “can’t bear” to be apart from her.

Carrying out an exclusive Tarot reading, Inbaal revealed: “The Prince of Cups Tarot card tells us that Travis will cope with Taylor’s international leg of the Eras Tour the best way he knows how – by making sure his passport is valid and flying out to meet his superstar girlfriend whenever he can.

“This card is romantic and passionate, and at this stage of their relationship, Travis just can’t physically bear to be parted from his Mrs for more than a few days at a time. Whatever it costs, he’ll fly out to see her.”

Taylor has attended some of Travis’ games, with her now back in ‘work mode’ for her tour ( Image: TNS)
She added: “Whether their relationship would stand the test of time, is totally unrelated to their relationship being long-distance at times. The Moon Tarot card, which represents travel and progress as well as illusion and delusion, says that they’ll both travel to be with each other as much as they can, but when they can’t, they just can’t and they overcome it. No pressure.”