Taylor Swift’s mother send a clear warning to those who call her daughter a ‘distractor ‘ jealousy is a disease. “this is no joke”

A Michigan mom is speaking out after her social media post about Taylor Swift went viral when a man reposted it without crediting her.

“This is literally about women deserving to be heard, whether that’s Taylor Swift being able to show up to a football game, or it’s me being able to share my honest opinions about how we can do better for our kids and how women deserve respect and to be appreciated for the good things they do,” Jordan LeVeck told “Good Morning America.” “It felt so ironic that a man took that post and got all the praise for it.”

When LeVeck, an entrepreneur and a mom of two, saw her social media feeds fill up recently with critical posts about the pop superstar receiving attention while attending NFL games in support of her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, she said she wanted to share a message for others, especially parents.

LeVeck, a mom of a 5-year-old daughter and a 9-month-old son, posted her opinion in a Jan. 30 Facebook post. Her post coincided with the backlash Swift was receiving, with some complaining she was getting unnecessary airtime during NFL game broadcasts, an argument that has since been addressed, with The New York Times reporting Swift appears on screen for less than 25 seconds on average during a typical three-hour NFL game at which she’s in attendance.

“I’m SO disappointed in so many of you who think that ‘not being a fan’ of someone means you’re entitled to s— all over them,” LeVeck wrote in part.