The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s silence over Golden Globe jibe raised serious concerns

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle skipped Golden Globes to avoid ‘humiliation’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly skipped the 2024 Golden Globe Awards to avoid the ‘humiliation of being mocked’ on a global stage.

In conversation with Daily Express US, entertainment expert Mark Boardman shared that “the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s absence from the Golden Globes could be seen as a clever move,” however the couple has “to navigate a delicate balance between public acclaim and criticism.”

The expert raised his serious concerns over Harry and Meghan’s deafening silence, saying, “Mockery, particularly on a global stage, can have a significant impact on public image.”

Mark believes that the California-based couple “often remain silent on the matter, which for me is a sign that they do not know how to handle such situations which can influence public perception.”

For the unversed, comedian Jo Koy at the Golden Globes opening monologue took a dig at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for being ‘unnecessarily’ paid by Netflix.

He said, “Harry and Meghan Markle got paid millions for doing absolutely nothing – and that’s just by Netflix.”