The Duke of Sussex sets to attend the glitzy awards

As the Duke of Sussex is set to be honoured as a ‘Living Legend of Aviation’, critics have branded the royal as undeserving of the title, seeing it as a publicity stunt.

Prince Harry is set be inducted into the ‘Living Legends of Aviation’ for his work as a British Army veteran and pilot, but critics of the Royal have branded the move as a “pathetic publicity stunt”.

The Duke of Sussex will attend the glitzy awards ceremony hosted by actor John Travolta in Beverly Hills, California on January 19.

Speaking to host Mark Dolan on GB News, royal commentator, Angela Levin said called the honour for the estranged royal, “ridiculous”.

Ms Levin added: “A former member who is quite high up in the navy has said it is a pathetic publicity stunt and I think that’s quite right.”

Reacting further to the decision, Ms Levin fumed: “How you can compare him to people who landed on the moon and walked round the moon?”

Host, Mark Dolan agreed, responding: “An unprecedented moment in human history, yes. But you don’t think that the first man on the moon versus the short service in Afghanistan are comparable?”

Levin replied: “20 weeks he was away doing it, and he was a companion in the plane. He wasn’t there by himself, making all the decisions.”

Previous honourees include actors Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford and Angelina Jolie. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk also hold the title.