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There’s Finally a Lip Reading of Kim Kardashian and Lana Del Rey’s Intense Met Gala Convo



This is everything you could want it to be and more.

Kim Kardashian and Lana Del Rey took a moment to pose for some photos together at the Met Gala last week, and we, the people, have been waiting (im)patiently for someone to do a lip reading of their conversation ever since. Truly, there are few things I need in life more than knowing what these two were talking about.

And it looks like TikTok’s very own lip reading fave @tismejackie just came through with an interpretation of their convo. Which mostly seems to be about Kim’s dress? Makes sense given that they were at the Met Gala, though shoutout to Lana for starting their chat by declaring that she “wants the tea.”

Watch the video below, but here’s a transcription of what Lana said:

“I know right? Everything’s sick. *gasps* Stop. I wanna know. I want the tea. And I’m wearing plug-ins. I’m absolutely obsessed with your waist. Oh my gosh. Oh really? I love it. I didn’t notice. It’s always something. Makes sense. I mean…in a way… That’s smart. Where are you sitting?”

Annnnd scene.

Honestly, this was everything I wanted it to be and more—though now I desperately need to know what Kim was referring to that Lana “didn’t notice.” Guess nothing to do but wait patiently until whatever it is comes up on Season 6 of The Kardashians.

And before we go, reminder that Lana and Kim go way back. They first met when Lana performed at Kim’s wedding in 2014!

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