Tom Brady Praises Lamar Jackson: A Mutual Admiration from High School to NFL Stardom

In the latest episode of the “Let’s Go!” podcast, co-hosted by Tom Brady himself, the seven-time Super Bowl champion fondly reminisced about the first time he noticed the budding talent that is Lamar Jackson.

Brady, who resides in Miami, shared his initial encounter with Jackson’s skills, recalling a viral high school highlight from South Florida that left a lasting impression

“First time I ever really noticed you was that high school highlight where you put the breaks on the guy and he went flying by,”Brady remarked.

“Not that I’ve ever had that experience in my entire life – I don’t even know what that feels like. But now you’re doing that at the highest level.”

The admiration between Brady and Jackson goes beyond mere on-field accomplishments.

Despite their on-field battles, a deep mutual respect developed during the clash between Brady’sPatriots and Jackson’sRavens, marking the beginning of a bond that transcended the sport.

While Brady, in his 335 games, managed 1,123 rushing yards, Jackson’s 86 career games boast an impressive 5,258 rushing yards.

The contrast in styles only adds to the allure of their connection, demonstrating the diverse skills that define the quarterback position in the modern NFL.

Jackson also admitted to watching Brady during his formative years, particularly during the Patriots’ two-decade dynasty.

Reflecting on Brady’s iconic comeback against the Falcons, Jackson revealed how it served as a source of inspiration during his own games, instilling a belief that no deficit was insurmountable.

“Throughout my childhood, it was Patriots and whoever in the Super Bowl,” Jackson said. “Tom, you went almost every year no matter what. … [Your comeback from down 28-3] in the Falcons game, that was crazy. That was one of the greatest games ever. When we’re down in games, I’m like, ‘Tom Brady came back and beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl [so] no matter what, when we’re down, we can come back and win the game.’ That’s one of them ones, that’s the GOAT of GOATs right there.”

Yet, as Brady transitions to his role as FOX Sports’ lead NFL analyst, he acknowledges a shift in the narrative.

The torch has passed, and now, Brady sees Jackson as an inspiration for not only him but for NFL fans everywhere.

Praising Jackson’s leadership, humility, and toughness, Brady expressed, “You’re the reason why people watch the NFL, because of guys like you. You’ve just had an amazing career.”