Travis Kelce continues to stoke rivalry with Aaron Rodgers

Travis Kelce continues to stoke rivalry with Aaron Rodgers
Issue stems from Kelce’s work with Pfizer in an advertising campaign

Aaron Rodgers of the New York Jets
Aaron Rodgers of the New York Jets

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The rivalry between Travis Kelce and Aaron Rodgers is ongoing, with both parties appearing to be upping the stakes.

What began as playful jabs has taken a potentially more personal turn this week. The exchange started when Rodgers humorously dubbed Kelce “Mr. Pfizer” on The Pat McAfee Show a few months ago.

In retaliation, Kelce referred to Rodgers as “Mr. Johnson & Johnson” due to Rodgers now playing for the New York Jets, owned by J&J heir Woody Johnson.

The friendly banter escalated when Rodgers proposed a vaccine debate, prompting Kelce to respond during a recent Wall Street Journal interview.

“He’s in a situation where Tuesdays are his game days… I get it, man, I’ve been injured too… Who knows what the guy is going through,” Kelce told the Wall Street Journal.

Rodgers, sidelined since the New York Jets’ season opener due to an Achilles injury, is now facing a unique challenge – a desire to play football without the physical health to do so.

This is a fact not lost on Kelce, who subtly reminded him of it.

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What is leading Kelce to engage in such public spats?
As the exchange unfolds, questions arise about Kelce’s newfound confidence, possibly attributed to his high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift, one of the world’s most famous figures.

In the NFL, Rodgers already carries a controversial reputation, made worse by his attitude towards the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent roll-out of vaccination programs.

With the tension between the two players seemingly on the rise, many fans are wondering what will happen if Rodgers, known for his unapologetic demeanor, decides to escalate matters by bringing up Kelce’s relationship with Swift?