Tyreek Hill Says Former Teammate Travis Kelce Has Not Texted Back: ‘Probably Still on His Taylor Swift Thing’

Tyreek Hill did not miss a moment to poke fun at his former teammate amid his high-profile romance.
Somebody cue up Taylor Swift’s “Now That We Don’t Talk” — because that’s apparently what’s going on between Travis Kelce and his former teammate, Tyreek Hill.

While talking to reporters on Thursday, the Miami Dolphins wide receiver took a seemingly playful shot at his former Kansas City Chiefs teammate when he quipped that Kelce has not texted him back.

“He’s probably still on his Taylor Swift thing,” the 29-year-old athlete said.

As for his other high-profile former teammate, Patrick Mahomes, Hill bluntly noted that he has not texted the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback “since they beat our a**,” seemingly referencing their Nov. 5 face-off in Germany.

Cracked Hill, “Those guys are too famous for me now, I guess.”

The player’s comments come mere days before all three are set to reunite once again on the field for the Chiefs and Dolphins’ playoff game in Kansas City. It will notably also mark the first time Hill will play at Arrowhead Stadium since he was traded to the Dolphins, and mere days after a fire caused by a child playing with a lighter broke out at his Florida home, reportedly resulting in $2.3 million in damages. However, Hill is keeping a positive perspective on the misfortune.

“I feel like there are crazier things in the world going on,” he reportedly said Thursday. “The way that I look at it is I’m not the only person in the world having a bad day. There are other people having bad days. God has blessed me with great things and I have a great support system with teammates and family and stuff like that. I just always try to look at the positive side of things, so that’s been my whole approach throughout all of this. Although it sucks to see rooms destroyed and everything that you worked for destroyed — it sucks — but my main thing was health, making sure my kids are alright. And yeah, this gives me and my wife a chance to get closer.”