Updates: Chief’s vs Eagles Clash is going viral !Watch

Travis and Jason Kelce’s photo as kids is going viral ahead of the Eagles vs Chiefs clash
The Kelce brothers will play vs. each other on MNF

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The Kelce brothers are arguably the most popular pair in the NFL, with Jason and Travis earning the hearts of the fans by being relatable, down-to-earth, and obviously, elite football players.

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Now, both Kelce brothers will face each other again in a rematch of the Super Bowl LVII, when the NFL champions Kansas City Chiefs face the Philadelphia Eagles on Week 11’s Monday Night Football.

The pic that is taking over the Internet
While everyone is getting ready for the game, a picture of both Kelce brothers when they were just little kids alongside their mother, Donna Kelce, is going viral on social media.

A lot of people have pointed out their outfits, their shoes, and also, the resemblance that both Kelce brothers have with Jason’s kids, who has three daughters: Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett.

Kelce vs Kelce on MNF
The Chiefs will take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 11 in a mouthwatering rematch of the 2023 Super Bowl. The Eagles hold a slightly better record in the NFC East (by one win) than the Chiefs, who lead the AFC West with a 7-2 record.

The match is currently scheduled for Monday Night Football on November 20, and on a more personal note sees a brotherly clash as Travis faces off against his brother, Jason Kelce who is an Eagles center.

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