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Video: Coco Gauff Picks Kendrick Lamar in Rap Beef After Drake Dissed Serena Williams



Just about everybody has picked a side in the Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake beef at this point, and Coco Gauff is no exception.

Like most people, Gauff is Team Kendrick, though she has at least one pretty specific reason for her pick.

“To be honest, I liked Kendrick’s songs more,” she told reporters Thursday. “And I think pretty much everyone I know is leaning towards him. But I do like Drake as an artist as well. But as far as the rap battle is going on, the rap beef, I think definitely Kendrick’s winning. Also, Drake dissed Serena [Williams] so I have to go with Kendrick. Kendrick defended her, so yeah, I have to go with him.”

In 2022’s Middle of the Ocean, Drake called Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian a “groupie.” There were also rumors that Drake and Williams dated in the past, though they were never confirmed.

Kendrick Lamar, meanwhile, defended Williams on Not Like Us, rapping “From Alondra down to Central / n–gas better not speak on Serena.”

Naomi Osaka also seemed to be leaning Team Kendrick, telling reporters on Wednesday that the L.A. rapper “dropped some heat.”

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