Why This Is Selena Gomez’s Favorite Taylor Swift Song

Selena Gomez further proved she’s best friend Taylor Swift’s biggest fan by revealing her favorite hit of the Grammy winner’s.

Selena Gomez will always leave a blank space on the playlist for a certain Taylor Swift song.

The Only Murders in the Building star revealed that when it comes to her longtime BFF’s many, many hits, she thinks “Wildest Dreams” stands above the rest.

“I think this is one of her, if not, I mean I guess I shouldn’t say this, but I do think it’s one of her best songs,” Selena explained while guest-hosting Sirius XM Hits 1. “It’s incredibly well done. The lyrics, everything. Just the melodies—it’s one of my favorites that no matter when it comes on, I will just blast it in any mood I’m in.”

During her guest DJ outing, she also played tracks by Doja Cat, Frank Sinatra and Ariana Grande, with her sharing exactly why she loves the “yes, and?” singer like a love song as well.

“I cannot do anything fun without listening to Ariana,” Selena gushed. “I feel so empowered, and I think she’s incredible and I just have so much fun, so I’m the girl that’s playing Ariana all the time and I think people kind of notice that, but I love it. I think she’s amazing.”