‘You Ran Back to Your Mama House’: Jay-Z’s New 9-Minute Song Seemingly Reflects on Relationship Drama With Beyonc

Believe it or not, celebrity power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé are more relatable than most might think. All fans have to do is dive into their albums “4:44” and “Lemonade,” and they will discover through melodic narratives themes of infidelity, heartbreak, and reconciliation – just like any other couple.

The projects gave the public a rare glimpse into their seemingly charmed love lives. However, over the past six or seven years, the two have revisited those types of songs that outlined the bumpy parts of their relationship.

Fans debate whether or not Beyonce was “groomed” after she claims Jay-Z “taught” her “how to be a woman” in resurfaced clip.

Jay-Z (left) raps about ”tears in my Champagne” and struggling with love in a new track, but it’s not clear if the song is a reference to his wife, Beyoncé

“Life don’t taste the same without you / Tears in my champagne ’bout you/ Quit playing, girl, you know I’m crazy ’bout you,” he rapped.

The Brooklyn rapper seemed to let it all out, though never mentioning his wife by name, and shared what it was like when his love left him in that season.

“You know that week you ran back to your mama house, ask my friend, they can vouch/ Slept on the couch ’cause the bed ain’t a bed without you.”

With a different flow than his usual brash and signature cadence, Hov coats his verse with a neo-soul earthiness to match D’Angelo’s swagger.

“Love you for my life, and I put that on my dead/ Put that on my daddy’s new porch, cigarettes/ He blew cancer rings, I got toxic traits,” Jay-Z rhymes in the more than 9-minute song. “Look who coaxed the ghost out my body, got me straight/ I don’t want no smoke, baby girl you fire/ Can’t end up like my folks, nah.”