Dodgers Star Freddie Freeman and Wife Photobomb Taylor Swift at Golden Globes

Dodgers Star Freddie Freeman and Wife Photobomb Taylor Swift at Golden Globes: ‘Too Shy to Ask for a Pic’
The first baseman and his wife, Chelsea, were seated “6 feet” away from the pop superstar and her entourage on Sunday night

Los Angeles Dodgers star Freddie Freeman and his wife Chelsea had a brush with pop superstardom on Sunday night!

The couple, who attended the 2024 Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel, were seated “6 ft.” away from Taylor Swift (and her date for the evening, bestie Keleigh Sperry) — and they have the photobombing proof of it.

On her Instagram Story, the mother of three couldn’t hold back her excitement related to where they were seated and shared a few photos from the night.

“I keep getting tagged in this. Of course Freddie makes the Taylor pic and I’m blocked,” Chelsea wrote with a laughing-crying emoji alongside one image, which featured Swift posing in the forefront and her husband looking on in the background.

Dodgers Star Freddie Freeman and Wife Joke About Photobombing Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez at Golden Globes
Freddie Freeman with Taylor Swift. CHELSEA FREEMAN/INSTAGRAM
In another snap, she couldn’t contain her glee at nearly appearing in a picture of Swift with Selena Gomez.

“You guys …. This is the back of my head,” the Oscar de la Renta-clad Freeman wrote, with an arrow pointing to a spot in the shot. “We were sitting 6 ft from Taylor & Selena and I was too shy to ask for a pic. They were gorgeous in person.”