“I’m Gonna Kill Hailey”: Getting Deprived of Assist of the Season, Angel Reese Laughs off Top Performance

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The Lady Tigers just made a resounding comeback. The LSU squad played their most recent game against the Alabama Crimson Tide and hammered their opponents by a 78-58 margin. What stood out was their star Angel Reese’s performance. After the game, she sent out a message to her teammate Hailey Van Lith for missing a three-pointer that had all the fans wanting her trademark humor more.

After the game, Reese spoke at length about her performance and transformation as a leader with ESPN reporters. Her signature amusing sense sparked the sanguine spirit around.

The Bayou Barbie didn’t miss to playfully zest with her teammate Hailey Van Lith’s missed three-pointer at the Coleman Coliseum during the match on Thursday. The reporter pointed out that Reese would have got “the assist of the season,” had Van Lith not missed the three-pointer. Reese responded to the reporter by laughing and stating “I know. I’m gonna kill Hailey for that one.”

Reese received a pass standing near the backboard of the Alabama’s hoop. She was guarded by an opponent and hence gave a no-look pass to her teammate Hailey who was present at the three-point line. Unfortunately, Hailey couldn’t take advantage of the open opportunity given to her and missed the basket as the ball bounced on the rim.

If the ball would have been potted, Reese would have added a brilliant no-look assist to her name. Credit should be given to the Maryland-born for her game awareness and knowing the position of her team member. However, the LSU’s effort still bore fruit. While Reese smoked a game-high 20 points with 17 rebounds, the stat that left her wanting more was her assist. She gave nil assists in this game. Things would have been different had Van Lith soused the three-pointer.