Prince Harry faces major defeat hours before receiving aviation honour

Prince Harry will attend the Living Legend of Aviation award ceremony tonight, January 19

Prince Harry has withdrawn a libel case against the Mail on Sunday, just hours before receiving aviation honour.

The Duke of Sussex, who has sued the publication for writing an allegedly defamatory article against him, is now to pay legal bills worth an estimated £750,000 as he abandoned his case.

As per the Mail, Harry is obliged to pay £250,000 to the publication as their legal fees, and the remaining amount will be given to his legal team.

For the unversed, the Duke of Sussex and the Mail were asked to submit relevant documents in the court today.

However, Harry’s lawyers informed the court, “The Duke of Sussex discontinues all of this claim.”

Interestingly, the update related to the libel case came hours before Harry’s aviation honour.

Notably, Prince Harry is set to be inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation Hall of fame at the 21st annual Aviation Awards tonight, January 19 in Beverly Hills, California.

The award is being conferred to honour the former working royal’s achievements as a pilot during his ten years of military experience.